beautiful illustration by Matt Verges
©2008-2009 ~scumbugg
One of my bestest guy friends ever, Matt, gave me this book as a present a few years ago. Moby-Dick, his all-time favorite book. I'm ashamed to say, I never actually finished reading it. It has been sitting on that ever-growing, "must do someday" list.
But when ever I see or hear anything about Moby-Dick, I think of him.

is full of beautiful pieces such as pictured above. But my excitement level jumped when I saw this moby dick necklace and bracelet. Simply perfect.

moby dick
Raw brass whale and nautical wheel hanging from a 24" raw brass chain.
(there is also a lovely matching bracelet in raw brass)

moby dick (silver)
Antique silver plated whale and nautical wheel hanging from a 24" silver cable chain.

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